YOGA - Yoga is a practice that focuses on connecting the mind and body. Using a combination of physical postures in tune with controlled breath, we are enabled the chance to begin to find a place of stillness and calm, allowing ourselves to turn our attention inward. Practising yoga allows us to quieten the mind, open our hearts and focus our energy.

Natalie believes that the positive effects yoga has on her own life are too good not to share! She aims to make the practise of yoga accessible to everyone; because it is, accessible to everyone. In a world where many people’s work-life balance seems to be constantly tested, yoga allows us the opportunity to re-evaluate this balance and reset it. Yoga is a non-judgemental, encouraging relief from life’s everyday stresses.


BARRE - Barre is an invigorating blend of ballet, pilates and yoga techniques. Barre classes offer an effective workout for the whole body, focusing on alignment, core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Practising barre helps us to improve our understanding of how to manage our bodies in day to day life. 

Natalie has created a unique barre class that draws on her extensive training and experience as a ballet dancer and fitness enthusiast to produce results her clients can really see. Barre is a refreshing, energising style of exercise that helps us improve and maintain grace, poise and elegance.  Barre is a great addition to any workout routine and is also a great introduction to fitness for those who are starting from scratch. 



BALLET - Ballet is a world renowned style of dance that has been performed for centuries. Ballet gives us freedom of expression and creativity through sequencing movement. Many of us have encountered ballet as young children but lost touch with it as adults. Natalie hopes to bring the joy of dance back in to her client's lives!

Not only does ballet give us the opportunity to reconnect with our inner ballerina, it also provides us with a high-energy, all over body workout. Ballet sculpts the body to be long, lean and strong. It is widely considered as an athletic form of sport. Natalie tackles the myths and stigmas surrounding ballet and brings it in to her client's lives in a way that is fun, accessible and light hearted. 


Natalie was born in London and started dancing at the age of 3 at the North London Dance Studio. From there she went on to further her training at the Urdang Academy, The Royal Ballet School and lastly Central School of Ballet, where she graduated in 2010 with a BA Hons degree in Dance and Performance. Natalie is skilled in a wide variety of styles of dance and has worked with some of the best choreographers, directors, artists and brands in the industry, in stage, tv, film and more. 

Natalie is also a fully qualified RYT-200hr yoga teacher and a barre instructor. Natalie has been teaching yoga and barre alongside her dance career over the past 8 years. She has experience teaching one to one classes, workshops and group classes at some of the top London studios. 


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